Saturday, August 27, 2005

Setting things up.

As acting president of Legends, I decided to give this a try. While this isn't initially intended to be a true web log/blog, the structure is both simple and flexible -- moreso as I get my blogging legs. Replacing the banner image with the APA logo will hopefully be an early change -- I have to get the hang of adjusting sizes in the template first, which isn't as obvious a trick as I'd expected. Depending upon member responses, this might become a multi-user blog for each of the members to use. For the moment it's completely in my hands -- that's Mike Norton -- so the warts, moles and worse are my fault.

If you've stumbled by here and want to know anything more about the APA, leave a comment here or drop me an email. (Just in case you're using a different email setup than the one that tries to pop up on the computer you're using, my emai's


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